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10 Oct 2017

A minute for World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day and this year's focus is on mental health in the workplace. 

We spend a large portion of our lives at work, so it's important to ensure we can thrive in our working environment and with the workload we are allocated.

If you find your role stressful, it's worth sitting down and thinking about which tasks create stress for you. Thinking of ways to reduce the stress by tweaking your working practices or changing the way you view the situation may really make a huge difference. If you feel that it's not a specific task, but more a general feeling of stress and pressure, then daily relaxation exercises can really help give your body time to de-stress.

If you continue to find things stressful, talk to your line manager and discuss ways to help you either reduce your workload or manage things differently. Remember that not everyone will find the same things stressful, and what one person finds motivating another may find overwhelming and stress inducing, so talking to your line manager will make them aware of the situation and give them a chance to make suggestions to help.

Stress is bad, isn't it?

We should add that stress isn't really the bad guy, although it gets a bad press. Our distant ancestors had to deal with wild animals and other perils on a daily basis - the stress response very quickly prepares the body to fight or run away from danger. So stress is there to make us perform better and to keep us safe. 

However, nowadays the stress response is more likely to kick in when we feel our boundaries being breached in some way or we feel under pressure or lack control of our situation. If we are exposed to such stress inducing situations over a long period, it can result in poor mental and physical health, which is why keeping on top of stress is key.

And it's not just work that can create stress. Family problems, relationship issues, financial problems, moving house, illness, and even going on holiday can all add to our stress load and mean that tasks at work make us feel more stressed as a result.

So what can you do to reduce the load and manage the stress?

Building in time for relaxation is the key to managing stress before it becomes a problem. 
We've come up with some simple one minute tasks you can do at work to help stay on top of stress.

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