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02 May 2023

Webinar: Celebrating Pride – How To Best Support LGBTQ+ Youth

This webinar took place on Monday 22 May 2023 at 12-12.45pm BST

For many, being a teen and young adult was hard enough without needing to manage added stigma, misunderstanding and even hate that remain rife today concerning LGBTQ+ identities. This webinar is for anyone who knows and loves an LGBTQ+ young person and wants to offer them the best possible support in ensuring they are cared for, respected, empowered, and supported in relation to their sexuality and/or gender identity. 

Resources provided during this webinar

Webinar recording

If you didn't register prior to the event, the webinar recording can be viewed after the event via this link. If you registered for the webinar, you will automatically receive a link to view the recording within 48 hours of the webinar.

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