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Mindfulness therapy

Mindfulness therapy in Scotland

Mindfulness therapy is an extremely popular approach that can benefit people with a wide range of issues such as stress; anxiety; depression and other mood related issues; and much more. At First Psychology Scotland, we have a number of practitioners who use mindfulness techniques in their work with clients. In addition, we also run mindfulness courses at some of our centres for individuals who wish to learn more about the theory and practice of mindfulness.

How does mindfulness work?

Mindfulness has its roots in ancient practices of Buddhism. We all have negative thoughts and these can lead to negative feelings and beliefs. These feelings and beliefs are not necessarily reality – they are created by our minds. People who practise mindfulness regularly will learn to recognise these thoughts as ‘creations’, rather than automatically accepting them as the truth. This can have a huge impact on how you feel and respond to things in day to day life.

What can mindfulness do for me?

As you become more mindful, you will learn to accept your thoughts as digressions of the mind and will be able to allow them to pass in and out of your head freely. You will begin to appreciate how your mood is affected by these thoughts. Mindfulness therefore can be an extremely powerful way of becoming more calm and peaceful in your everyday life.

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