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Supervision and consultancy services for mental health and social care professionals

Supervision and consultancy services for mental health and social care professionals

Our team of experienced practitioners offers supervision and consultancy services to mental health and social care professionals throughout Scotland.

We can support professionals working in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and contexts

Some of the more common approaches we can work with are counselling and psychotherapy (humanistic and cognitive approaches) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). We also offer specialist support in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), mindfulness and compassion-based therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and systemic approaches.

We are able to support those working in a wide range of contexts including: general counselling or adult mental health; LGBT services; couples and relationship counselling; children and young persons; trauma; addictions; and sexual abuse.

Supervision services available throughout Scotland

We offer supervision on a one-to-one, occasional or ad hoc basis to individuals and groups at locations throughout Scotland.

One-to-one supervision

One-to-one supervision is suited to those wishing to develop their practice, or who are working towards accreditation with a relevant professional body. It allows time to explore issues and challenges in depth and to develop effective ways to deal with them.

Group supervision

Group supervision allows an exchange of experiences in a supportive environment that is facilitated by an experienced practitioner. It suits those wishing to develop their practice in a specific area. Group supervision can also be helpful for teams to aid understanding, develop skills, and gain expert input.


We offer consultancy on specific areas that are linked to professional practice in the field of mental health, for example, psychometric measures, therapeutic techniques, report writing and much more.

CPD and training

We offer CPD and training to organisations and groups wishing to gain expertise in specific areas. We also run regular CPD events which focus on contemporary issues in the field of mental health and therapy.

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Our supervision and consultancy services are available at all our locations throughout Scotland. Our supervision services are also available by phone or online. Come along for a ‘no-obligation’ initial session during which goals and approach will be discussed. For further details and price for this session and subsequent sessions, please  contact us.