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16 Sep 2022

Webinar: Managing Your Mental Health During The Menopause

This webinar took place on Thursday 29 September at 12-12.45 BST.

It’s common for women to experience mental health difficulties as a result of the hormonal changes which happen during menopause. Menopause can cause a variety of physical symptoms such as tiredness, night sweats, sleep difficulties, hot flashes, and memory loss, which can all cause you to feel distressed. It’s also common to experience mood changes such as irritability, sadness, lack of motivation, aggression, stress, difficulty concentrating, and depression, and these effects can cause further emotional strain.

As well as the known effect of hormone levels, there can also be many other factors which impact women’s mental health during this time of life. It’s common to feel burdened with emotional stressors such as: ending or starting romantic relationships, grown children leaving or returning home, financial or career changes, concerns about ageing parents, getting older in a society that values youth, etc. In addition, if you have a pre-existing mental health problem, it’s possible that the effects of menopause could cause a relapse or change to your mental health.

This FREE webinar aims to raise awareness about the potential negative impact menopause can have on mental health, as well as offer support on how women can best manage their symptoms or where they can seek further help.

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