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Helping others - a toolkit for supporting friends, family and colleagues who experience depression

Workshop outline

What is depression? 

  • Definitions, symptoms, prevalence, etc

How to recognise depression-like symptoms

  • Noticing warning signs

​Supporting friends, family and colleagues - what YOU can do to help

  • First steps in approaching others
  • Egan's skilled helper model
  • Empathising and validating, problem solving and solutions

Keeping yourself safe

  • Acknowledging your own boundaries/limits
  • Drama triangle; 'rescuer to coach', 'victim to creator' 

Supporting friends, family and colleagues - what OTHERS can do to help

  • Models of therapy available
  • Signposting
The workshop will combine theory with interactive exercises (where appropriate) to explore the topics.

Who should attend?

Anyone working in healthcare or a related field who encounters people with depression and would like to know how to better recognise the symptoms and learn ways to help. 

Anyone who would like to deepen their understanding for personal reasons, or those who live or work with a person with depression. 

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