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Psychotherapy at our Scottish centres

Psychotherapy is a similar process to  counselling  in that a client works with a counsellor/psychotherapist or psychologist to address specific issues or difficulties that are causing distress. However, psychotherapy is a deeper process that often explores recurring ‘patterns’ or ‘themes’.

How psychotherapy enables change

Our practitioners will work with you to explore your ‘patterns’ and ‘themes’ and how they link to things about you and your personality. Examples of things that you may explore are: your upbringing; challenges you have faced in life; and how you cope with difficulties. The aim is to enable change by understanding why things are going wrong and exploring different ways of thinking and behaving.

Psychotherapy – the process and approach

As psychotherapy is a deeper process, you may need to meet regularly with your therapist for up to a year (or more). Practitioners offering psychotherapy have different ways and styles of working. Some may seem quite active and friendly (psychodynamic) while others may appear more detached and analytical (psychoanalytical). It is important to find a practitioner style that works for you.

People often enter into psychotherapy directly, realising they have deeper issues that need exploring. However it is just as usual for people to begin counselling and then realise there are underlying ‘patterns’ and ‘themes’ in their lives, which may be better addressed using psychotherapy. No matter how you start the psychotherapy process, you would usually be able to continue with the same practitioner. Our counselling professionals are highly trained and able to undertake both counselling and psychotherapy with clients.

Psychotherapy no longer means lying on a couch

Psychotherapy is usually more accessible and less intimidating than people fear. These days, the process rarely involves lying on a couch talking to a largely silent practitioner (psychoanalysis). You can certainly be reassured that none of our practitioners work in this way!

More information

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