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Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness-based Stress reduction - an 8 week introduction to mindfulness (Perth)

A certificated foundation course in 'mindfulness-based stress reduction' MBSR

MBSR is the original eight week course, designed by Jon Kabbat Zinn at University of Massachusetts, from where mindfulness has become a global movement. This course is the foundation for your personal practice and the launch pad to becoming a professional mindfulness trainer.

Mindfulness Training is about ‘waking up’ to be with reality as it is, with an open, non-judging mind. Mindfulness has roots in Buddhism, however this is a non-religious course that is about opening to our own experience. This is not about trying to attain any state of relaxation, nor is it all about meditation, it is about developing an awareness of how things really are, without grasping them at wishing they were different. Mindfulness is the practice of waking up out of our usual autopilot, stopping the old record playing, the 'same old story' in your mind. The 8-week course is a foundation for living in a wholesome, embodied way.

The 8 week course is an immersive experience, each class is three hours of practice, inquiry and discussion and there is continual home practice between sessions. Over the course duration you will eat, sleep and breathe mindfulness! So that by the end you will have integrated it into your daily life and come some way to establish it as a way of being. In addition, a full day of silent (guided) practice is included that is a chance to really shift old habits. Mindfulness Training is an excellent foundation in restoring clear connections with yourself, others and the world. 
If you decide that you wish to go further with your mindfulness training and become a mindfulness trainer, then this 8-week course is the foundation that will allow you to progress to further training, such as teaching mindfulness in schools or mindfulness for the workplace. Certification that you have completed the MBSR 8-week course can be awarded if you attend the majority of sessions and the silent practice day.

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